[ejabberd] Gzip/deflate HTTP content encodings

Jack Moffitt jack at chesspark.com
Thu Aug 27 06:42:18 MSD 2009

> I've been reading about XMPP stream compression (XEP-0138). It's useful
> when connecting to ejabberd using a desktop client, but, why not also
> implementing compression ('Accept-Encoding' HTTP header) in ejabberd
> HTTP-based services (bind / pool / file server)? I think it could be
> really useful. Is there any reason to avoid it?

You can only really do this in the outbound direction, because most
browsers won't encode the POST contents going to the server.  Maybe
this has changed since I last tested it a few years back.  We used
nginx at Chesspark to compress the outbound stream, and it was quite


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