[ejabberd] Strange usage of BOSH

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Thu Aug 27 23:19:42 MSD 2009

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On 8/2/09 5:51 PM, William Edney wrote:
> Folks -
> I have kind of a strange use case for BOSH. Jack Moffitt and I discussed
> it a bit (thanks Jack!) and I realized that step #1, in some sense, was
> to make sure that ejabberd could do this.
> What I would like to do is to use the BOSH protocol to make a XMPP
> 'component' available to an ejabberd server. In other words, I want to
> write a XEP-114 compliant 'server component' in JavaScript that would
> live in the browser, but to the ejabberd server it would look like a
> server-side component.
> I have my own JS library that implements XEP-124/XEP-206 and have done a
> reasonable job of factoring (well, it might need a bit of work) so that
> the low-level XEP-124 transport layer is separate from the higher level
> XEP-206 stuff. This library can currently communicate well with the
> regular mod_http_bind module in ejabberd using the standard
> client<->server workflow that most people use BOSH for.
> I assume that to make this work I would use the XEP-124 functionality,
> but then layer XEP-114 on top of it.
> A few questions:
> #1. I assume that the XEP-124 part of BOSH does not preclude this from
> working, in theory. Right or wrong?


> #2. Does ejabberd's BOSH implementation, as currently coded in
> mod_http_bind, preclude this functionality (i.e. are there assumptions
> in that code that would prevent it from working)?

I don't know.

> #3. If ejabberd's current BOSH implementation would allow for this, what
> would the 'config' file look like?

Not sure.


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