[ejabberd] Associate different IPs/domains with different authentication methods?

Wayne Mac Adams waynemacadams at gmail.com
Wed Dec 2 15:10:30 MSK 2009


I've been looking at various XMPP servers and I am trying to find one that
is flexible in the authentication methods it offers to different

For example, my XMPP server requires other XMPP Servers to encrypt using SSL
and to authenticate using SASL DIGEST-MD5 or SASL GSSAPI. However as an
admin, I fully trust the XMPP server A.com and I want to allow it to connect
with no security, say via Server Dialback, or using SASL ANONYMOUS or
EXTERNAL. However perhaps I also trust another Server B.com but I am worried
about eavesdropping between servers, so I require B.com to connect via
Server Dialback and SSL.

Does ejabberd allow this kind of authentication/IP filtering?

I guess in a way, its a more advanced form of
in that different authentication methods are offered based on some
criteria(valid certs in this case). I think ejabberd does not yet support
XEP-0178(correct?) so I'm not confident about what I'm asking being
possible, but said I'd check anyway!

Any help is much appreciated,

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