[ejabberd] s2s connection problems - remote-host-not-found

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 21:19:56 MSK 2009

2009/11/9 Shantanu Pavgi <pavgi at uab.edu>:
> I am unable to establish s2s connection between two ejabberd test
> installations. I am getting remote host not found error. Both servers can
> ping to each other, but host command fails. (I don't have entries in the
> nameserver, but I have put domain-ip entries in the /etc/hosts file.)

In the debug log it shows:

=INFO REPORT==== 2009-11-08 16:50:30 ===
D(<0.379.0>:ejabberd_s2s_out:266) : s2s_out: connecting to {10,0,0,19}:5269

=INFO REPORT==== 2009-11-08 16:50:30 ===
D(<0.379.0>:ejabberd_s2s_out:283) : s2s_out: connect crashed badarg

The problem was probably solved by SVN r2694, which was included in
ejabberd 2.1.0:

* Fix mistake that disallowed s2s_out connections when using Erlang R12 or


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