[ejabberd] ACL/access rules question

Gabriel Rossetti gabriel.rossetti at arimaz.com
Mon Dec 21 13:17:33 MSK 2009

Hello everyone,

I have the following ACLs & access rules :

{acl, lts, {user_regexp, "^lts_[0-9]+$"}}.
{acl, lts_update, {user, "update", "test.com"}}.

{access, max_user_sessions, [{infinity, lts_update}, {1, lts}, {10, 
{access, local, [{allow, local}]}.

I configured the lts_update ACL to allow that user to have several 
resources at once, the lts ACL to be limited to one at a time but I 
don't understand what the "{10, local}" part does though, could someone 
please enlighten me on it?

Thanks, Gabriel

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