[ejabberd] user registration via HTTP

Sean Dilda sean at duke.edu
Tue Dec 22 19:17:03 MSK 2009

Liam wrote:
> I need to let new users register ejabberd accounts via the browser-based 
> xmpp client I'm coding.
> Some constraints:
> I can't use PHP (etc) to talk to ejabberd, as there is no server-side to 
> my app beyond ejabberd; it's 100% client-side javascript.
> I don't wish to allow in-band registration, as I only want users of my 
> browser app to have access to ejabberd.

Sounds like you need to break your constraints.  You can either have 
users go to a different URL to do registration, or use apache proxying 
to ejabberd, thus allowing you to use php.

We use apache proxying to punjab to talk via xmpp to ejabberd.  We found 
this more reliable than apache proxying to mod_http_bind in ejabberd.

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