[ejabberd] Enable File Transfer with proxy.eu.jabber.org Server

Javier Marta fpinion at gmail.com
Wed Dec 23 19:25:53 MSK 2009

Kirill Bychkov <kiribool <at> gmail.com> writes:

> Hmm.1. Tried to set ip in ejabberd.cfg?
> 2. Try to change hostname of server in /etc/hostname and domain in
> resolv.conf. Example for proxy.mydomain.com (i don't > know specificity
> config of opensuse):
> /etc/hostname:
>     proxy.mydomain.com
> /etc/resolv.conf
>     nameserver xx.xx.xx.xx
>     search mydomain.com
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> ejabberd <at> jabber.ru
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Now, I'm at home! I'll try your new suggestions on back to the office, after
some days off, next Monday. Thanks a lot for your help! Happy Holidays!

See ya,
Javier Marta

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