[ejabberd] Enable File Transfer with proxy.eu.jabber.org Server

Javier Marta fpinion at gmail.com
Thu Dec 24 12:32:23 MSK 2009

Tharindu Madushanka <tharindufit <at> gmail.com> writes:

> Hioh finally I got things working for me.. I didn't need to configure server.
just at client only I needed to configure..Thank you for all help :)what I did
was switched back to default mod_65 configuration.. {mod_65, [ ] }and at client
I have used jabber.org to find proxy to file transfer...it worked then...Thank
you.Tharindu Madushanka 
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Would you mind telling me how is your client configuration for using jabber.org?
I'm using pidgin and in my account configuration in XMPP options in the field
"File transfer gateways" I've set "proxy.jabber.org:7777", and then "Proxy
Options" is set to "No proxy". Is my client's config similar to yours?

Thanks in advance!
Javier Marta


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