[ejabberd] Enable File Transfer with proxy.eu.jabber.org Server

Javier Marta fpinion at gmail.com
Tue Dec 29 10:57:34 MSK 2009

Tharindu Madushanka <tharindufit <at> gmail.com> writes:

> Hi Javier Marta,My client is based on xmppframework.. an open source
objective-c jabber client library.. here in xep065 I just needed to set file
transfer server as jabber.org.. then during the process it can query and find
proxy.eu.jabber.org and 7777 as port.In ejabberd server. I only used minimum
configuration for file transfer.. just {mod_65, [] },so the problem was with
client.. if we are using public proxy.. you can do it with client side. I
think.. if we are configuring our server to file transfer.. it may need to
configure.. that I failed :(Thanks and Best Regards,Tharindu Madushanka
> ejabberd mailing list
> ejabberd <at> jabber.ru
> http://lists.jabber.ru/mailman/listinfo/ejabberd

Thanks! Now the file transfer with clients inside our LAN is already working
with the minumum configuration in the server side. The problem was that I was
trying to transfer files from a pidgin client inside a virtual machine (that
access the LAN via NAT). 

Now, I'd like to configurate the proxy to let that clients using NAT o staying
behind a firewall can do file transfers as well! Any suggestion as a starting
point would be appreciated!


J. Marta

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