[ejabberd] possible bug in max_user_sessions?

Jan Koum jan.koum at gmail.com
Tue Dec 29 12:19:12 MSK 2009

hi there,

in our ejabberd.cfg we have:

{access, max_user_sessions, [{1, all}]}.

in the past max_user_sessions worked perfectly -- when xmpp user connects
for the 2nd time, 1st connection gets booted right away.

however, today i discovered an interesting bug where "jkb at s.example.net/MBP"
got stuck and i was able to connect from two other devices.

$ ejabberd/sbin/ejabberdctl connected_users | grep jkb
jkb at s.example.net/Adium
jkb at s.example.net/MBP
jkb at s.example.net/mini

using "ejabberdctl kick_session" i was able to kick the 2nd and 3rd
connection (/Adium and /mini ones), but 1st connection just wouldn't go

how could this be?  aside from restarting the server -- any other solutions?


-- yan
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