[ejabberd] I need a pubsub hook to modify published items on the fly

Eric Cestari eric at ohmforce.com
Thu Feb 5 16:37:06 MSK 2009

Hi Vincent,
Create your own node_atom type.
In the publish_item function :
- parse the payload
- update it accordingly
- passing it to node_default:publish_item

A quick plug for my atom validation code :
With a node_atom I'd recommend you start on :)
Check around line 131.

Le 5 févr. 09 à 14:29, Vincent BARAT a écrit :

> Hello all,
> I'm looking for a way (a hook or whatever) to modify the content of  
> the items published on pubsub nodes.
> My items are Atom entries, and to ensure that their publication date  
> is ok, I would like the server to set it at publication time.
> Is there something to do this ?
> Cheers,
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