[ejabberd] Client socket blocked when sending large stanza

Mickael Remond mickael.remond at process-one.net
Fri Feb 6 17:02:20 MSK 2009


Your traffic shapers are not correctly configured for your need.
You have to change the default setting.

Vincent BARAT wrote:

> Hello,
> We face a big issue here at Ubikod. It happens randomly (but often)
> that sending a big stanza (an avatar or VCard image in our case) seems
> to block the client's output socket (as if the server had stopped
> reading on it).
> The client is not disconnected, is blocked on a native write call on
> the socket, and the server never respond, nor close the connection
> (our client is still considered as connected).  It happens esspecially
> when there is several XMPP requests pending.
> Is there any known issue or fix that could be related to this ?
> Is there a way to add some traces in ejabberd that could help in
> finding the solution ?
> Thank for your help.

Mickaël Rémond

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