[ejabberd] Client socket blocked when sending large stanza

Vincent BARAT vincent.barat at ubikod.com
Mon Feb 9 12:55:21 MSK 2009

I have just checked to change the c2s_shaper to unlimited, but I can still reproduce my issue.
My guess is that the issue comes from the client side (Android). I will investigate more on that.

Mickael Remond a écrit :
> Hello,
> Vincent BARAT wrote:
>> We have modified the default c2s_shaper from 1KB/S to 4KB/s, and the
>> stanza limit sis still 64KB (which is actually much more than the size
>> of the avatar).
>> Anyway, I have tried to increase the standza limit to 128KB, but the
>> behavior is the same.
>> Do you have a more precise recommandation about modifying the default
>> configuration ?
> Yes, you might need to increase even more the shaper if you send stanza
> of more that 4K. A 8KB stanza will be required one pause of one second. A
> 12KB stanza will be require two of such pauses, etc.
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