[ejabberd] Routing between Virtual Hosts

Jeffrey Rogiers jeffrey.rogiers at gmail.com
Thu Feb 19 04:29:19 MSK 2009

I have narrowed this down to using the anonymous login method.

I logged in using 2 users from each domain.

ODBC (mysql):
abc123 at x.org
qwerty at x.org

ANON (anonymous):
abc123 at guest.x.org
qwerty at guest.x.org

These were the results of my test when trying to request presence.

abc123 (ODBC) -> qwerty  (ODBC) [Pres - Both]
abc123 (ANON) -> qwerty  (ANON) [Pres - None]
abc123 (ODBC) -> abc123 (ANON) [Pres - None]
abc123 (ANON) -> abc123 (ODBC) [Pres - 1Way]

Im curious if anonymous users intentionally not supposed to have
roster at all? or if this is definitely a bug.

Can anyone else confirm this? It would greatly help.

Jeffrey Rogiers

2009/2/18 Jeffrey Rogiers <jeffrey.rogiers at gmail.com>:
> Correction, messages work just fine. Presence between virtual hosts is
> what seems to be broken.
> Thanks,
> Jeffrey Rogiers
> On Tue, Feb 17, 2009 at 8:12 PM, Jeffrey Rogiers
> <jeffrey.rogiers at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am currently having an issue with making virtual domains route to one another.
>> I am trying to setup my 2 domains to be able to speak to one another
>> as they did in ejabberd1.
>> But for some reason neither presence or messages get routed between hosts.
>> snippet of the ejabberd.cfg
>> {hosts, ["x.org","guest.x.org"]}.
>> {host_config, "x.org", [
>>    {auth_method, odbc},
>>    {odbc_server, {mysql, "", "db", "user", "pass"}}
>> ]}.
>> {host_config, "guest.x.org", [
>>    {auth_method, [anonymous]},
>>    {anonymous_protocol, login_anon},
>> ]}.
>> In its simplest form this should provide the ability to route between hosts.
>> Are there any known issues/solutions to this problem?
>> Thanks,
>> Jeffrey Rogiers

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