[ejabberd] @online@ shared roster patch - interest?

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at gmail.com
Mon Feb 23 12:30:54 MSK 2009

Working on the OLPC School Server, I inherited a patch to
mod_shared_roster that implements a couple of extra 'magic' shared
rosters, similar to @all at . The patch I inherited was a mix of P1 and
Collabora work, applies to early 2.0.x versions, and supports

 - @online@ - like @all@ but only shows the users that are online.

 - @recent@ - like @all@ but shows only users with activity in the
last 7 days (should change to be configurable)

 - @nearby@ - I wish I knew that this does

I have now ported part of this patch to 2.0.3 -- specifically,
@online@ works. The patch is still carries some cruft, and I am
wondering whether it's worth it to polish it into a more elegant patch
that implements @online at .

The key question is: If I bring it to a decent level, is it a
desirable patch? Or is it just a bad idea to implement it as @online@,
perhaps it requires a different approach, for example a "show only
online" option to all shared rosters? (In which case, @all@ with that
switch would behave just like @online@ today).

If it is a desirable patch, can work on it tomorrow and post something
for review. Time is tight on my side, so say something :-)

I absolutely won't take offence if you tell me that the patch is not
desirable for ejabberd or that my code is utter sh*t.

The original patch I inherited

which was then simplified

The patch I have today - which could drop lots of superfluous things
as only @online@ works:


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