[ejabberd] ejabberdctl and mod_roster_odbc under Kubuntu 8.10

Yermo Lamers yml at dtlink.com
Fri Jan 9 07:46:44 MSK 2009

I apologize if this is a FAQ.

I'm running Kubuntu 8.10 using the ejabberd and erlang deb's they've put 
together for that distribution. (v 2.0.2)

When using mod_roster I can correctly add roster entries with 
ejabberdctl using the add-rosteritem command.

However, if I switch to using mod_roster_odbc, attempts to add roster 
items using ejabberdctl fail silently.

I can, however, register new accounts using ejabberdctl and they do show 
up correctly in the Mysql database.

The webadmin interface seems to work correctly. (at least the 
rosterusers Mysql table gets updated when I attempt add items to a 
roster using it).

Is there some known issue with ejabberdctl and mod_roster_odbc?


-- Yermo

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