[ejabberd] Cannot send messages to other contacts in the list.

Michael Fernández M michael at michael.cl
Mon Jan 12 15:23:40 MSK 2009

Hi.... I hope somebody can help me with this.

I have configured an ejabberd server on debian lenny.. I works fine
auths againts Ldap and I can create chat room and contacts can join to
them, however the contacts cannot send messages to each other... 

When they send a message I see in the log the following...

=INFO REPORT==== 2009-01-10 11:16:36 ===
D(<0.334.0>:ejabberd_router:301) : route
        from {jid,"michael","atali.michael.cl",[],"michael",
        to {jid,"michael","atali.michael.cl","Home","michael",
        packet {xmlelement,"iq",


I am using gossip as client and when i choose send a new message in the
message  window I see not authorized.......

Here is my ejabberd.cfg:

%% Options which are set by Debconf and managed by ucf

%% Admin user
{acl, admin, {user, "admin", "atali.michael.cl"}}.

%% Hostname
{hosts, ["atali.michael.cl"]}.


{loglevel, 5}.

{route_subdomains, s2s}.

  {5222, ejabberd_c2s, [
                        {access, c2s},
                        {shaper, c2s_shaper},
                        {max_stanza_size, 65536},
                        starttls_required, {certfile,

  {5269, ejabberd_s2s_in, [
                           {shaper, s2s_shaper},
                           {max_stanza_size, 131072}

  {5280, ejabberd_http, [


{s2s_use_starttls, true}.

{s2s_certfile, "/etc/ejabberd/ejabberd.pem"}.

{domain_certfile, "atali.michael.cl", "/etc/ejabberd/ejabberd.pem"}.

%% S2S whitelist or blacklist
{s2s_default_policy, allow}.

{{s2s_host, "atali.michael.cl"}, allow}.

{auth_method, ldap}.
%% List of LDAP servers:
{ldap_servers, ["localhost"]}.
%% Port connect to LDAP server:
{ldap_port, 389}.
%% LDAP manager:
{ldap_rootdn, "cn=admin,dc=michael,dc=cl"}.
%% Password to LDAP manager:
{ldap_password, "lol"}.
%% Search base of LDAP directory:
{ldap_base, "ou=usuarios,dc=michael,dc=cl"}.
%% LDAP attribute that holds user ID:
{ldap_uids, [{"uid", "%u"}]}.
%% LDAP filter:
{ldap_filter, "(&(objectClass=posixAccount)(homeDirectory=conmi))"}.

{host_config, "atali.michael.cl", [{auth_method, ldap}]}.

{shaper, normal, {maxrate, 1000}}.

{shaper, fast, {maxrate, 50000}}.

%%%   ====================
{acl, local, {user_regexp, ""}}.

%% Define the maximum number of time a single user is allowed to
{access, max_user_sessions, [{10, all}]}.

%% This rule allows access only for local users:
{access, local, [{allow, local}]}.

%% Only non-blocked users can use c2s connections:
{access, c2s, [{deny, blocked}, {allow, all}, {allow, local}]}.

%% For all users except admins used "normal" shaper
{access, c2s_shaper, [{none, admin},
                      {normal, all}]}.

%% For all S2S connections used "fast" shaper
{access, s2s_shaper, [{fast, all}]}.

%% Only admins can send announcement messages:
{access, announce, [{allow, admin}]}.

%% Only admins can use configuration interface:
{access, configure, [{allow, admin}]}.

%% Admins of this server are also admins of MUC service:
{access, muc_admin, [{allow, admin}]}.

%% All users are allowed to use MUC service:
{access, muc, [{allow, all}]}.

{access, register, [{allow, all}]}.

%% Everybody can create pubsub nodes
{access, pubsub_createnode, [{allow, all}]}.

{language, "en"}.

  {mod_adhoc,    []},
  {mod_announce, [{access, announce}]}, % requires mod_adhoc
  {mod_caps,     []},
  {mod_configure,[]}, % requires mod_adhoc
  {mod_ctlextra, []},
  {mod_disco,    []},
  %%{mod_echo,   [{host, "echo.localhost"}]},
  {mod_irc,      []},
  {mod_last,     []},
  {mod_muc,      [
                  {host, "conference. at HOST@"},
                  {access, muc},
                  {access_create, muc},
                  {access_persistent, muc},
                  {access_admin, muc_admin},
                  {max_users, 500}
  {mod_offline,  []},
  {mod_privacy,  []},
  {mod_private,  []},
  {mod_proxy65,  [
                  {access, local},
                  {shaper, c2s_shaper}
  {mod_pubsub,   [ % requires mod_caps
                  {access_createnode, pubsub_createnode},
                  {plugins, ["default", "pep"]}
  {mod_register, [
                  {welcome_message, {"Welcome!",
                                     "Welcome to a Jabber service
powered by Debian. "
                                     "For information about Jabber visit

                  {access, register}
  {mod_roster,   []},
  {mod_stats,    []},
  {mod_time,     []},
  {mod_vcard,    []},
  {mod_version,  []}

Thanks a lot for any input.


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