[ejabberd] Question about using ejabberd as a general messaging middleware system

timh at perludus.com timh at perludus.com
Tue Jan 13 00:15:53 MSK 2009

I'm currently working on a new product architecture that requires some  
type of messaging system to distribute data to a large number of  
clients.  Reading about jabber and ejabberd in particular makes me  
wonder if it might be a solution.

Im hoping the list can help me better understand how ejabberd could be  
used.  Given the list below, would ejabberd work as a messaging system?

1) 800-1000 clients talking to a central server via public WAN.
2) Needs to be fast - with general Internet latency to the clients  
being the primary bottleneck for speed.
3) Messages are short - on the order of 32-64 bytes (characters)
4) A typical message sequence is:  client action (keypress,  
mouseclick) triggers message to server, server gets message, server  
updates shared persistent state, server broadcasts state update to  
affected clients (10-50 typically).


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