[ejabberd] Subscription option patch

Brian Cully bcully at gmail.com
Tue Jan 13 06:46:05 MSK 2009

	I put together subscription option support for mod_pubsub. This  
required a schema change to pubsub_state, and while I supplied an  
initializer, it might be something you want to look at.

	The bulk of the patch is a minor refactoring to support the new  
features: since subscriptions can take options (optionally) now, the  
old logic for dispatching actions wasn't going to work; and since I  
need to separate the config forms for subscription options and node  
configuration, I did so[1].

	I don't support the concept of required options, because I don't need  
to, but it should probably be done.

	As a proof-of-concept, I implemented pubsub#expire inside mod_pubsub.  
It should be about as easy to over-ride in your own nodes as other  
things of this level (patch the config reader, &c).

	The patch is up at:


	Once the collection node support is integrated, I'll tie these two  
together and issue another patch.


[1] Not well, mind you. There are certainly much better ways to extend  
this code.

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