[ejabberd] Collection node and subscription option support on github

Brian Cully bcully at gmail.com
Thu Jan 15 09:21:26 MSK 2009

	I've released my patches for collection nodes and subscription  
options to my github ejabberd repo. The patches that were submitted to  
P1 for collection nodes is now very out-of-date, so I decided to fix  
it up for the latest SVN ejabberd and fix a bug or two in the process.

	Since I'm releasing the collection node support to github, I figured  
I might as well do subscription options there, too, so I did. The  
branches are 'bjc/sub-options' and 'bjc/xep-0248' for subscription  
option and collection node support, respectively.

	In order to try and allay confusion about what's official P1 and what  
I've released, I'm putting all my branches into the 'bjc' hierarchy.

	Christophe, or whomever is currently trying to integrate these  
patches, I'd recommend looking at my latest source on github or drop  
me a line or whatever.


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