[ejabberd] hiding the "Access Control list" and " Access Rules" in the web fornt-end

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Mon Jan 19 17:59:20 MSK 2009

2009/1/19 Agnello George <agnello.dsouza at gmail.com>:
> I would like to know how i could hide / remove the he "Access Control list"
> and " Access Rules" in the web fornt-end  as i don't want to give access to
> the admins to these links .... i would manully make the changes in  the
> ejabeerd.cfg file ...
> Does any one know hoe to do this .

This is not configurable.

You have a quick and dirty solution: edit the file
src/web/ejabberd_web_admin.erl, remove support for the pages that you
don't want to be displayed, recompile that file and install it.

The function clauses that you want to remove are the four ones that start with:

	      #request{path = ["acls-raw"],

	      #request{method = Method,
			path = ["acls"],

	      #request{path = ["access-raw"],

	      #request{method = Method,
		       path = ["access"],

Also disable mod_configure in your ejabberd.cfg, because it provides
ad-hoc commands to edit ACL and Access.


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