[ejabberd] ejabberd: using mod_admin_extra from bin install

tyju tiui jckdnk111 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 27 08:44:46 MSK 2009


I've just installed ejabberd via the binary installer on a 64bit ubuntu server.
Everything is working great, but I need a way to script resetting passwords so I compiled / installed mod_admin_extra.
The install completed without issue. I added the setting to my ejabberd.cfg and stopped + started ejabberd, but ejabberdctl is not recognizing any new commands (ejabberdctl get-cookie for example)?

I'm thinking maybe the binary installer has done some pre-config in the ejabberdctl script that is somehow stopping my mod_admin_extra commands from getting through?? It's a stretch I know, but I just can't figure it out.

Any ideas?




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