[ejabberd] PEP implementation in Ejabberd. blacklists and whitelists

Pablo Platt pablo.platt at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 9 16:41:50 MSD 2009


I don't understand how filtering works with PEP and how it is implemented in Ejabberd.
Is it possible that Ejabberd will send all PEP events to all users without the need of them including caps in their presence?
This is important because as I understand the PEP specs, the server should store filtering per node (tune, geolocation...)
which means that Ejabberd need to store a whitelist of subscribers per node even though users are automatically subscribed
to the bare jid node. So when a user doesn't include caps with his presence Ejabberd won't send him any PEP events?

If the PEP implementation in Ejabberd will include a blacklist model so users gets all notifications by default
it could increase the performance significantly in some use cases.


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