[ejabberd] XEP-0136 implementation status

Anaël Verrier elghinn at free.fr
Thu Jul 9 21:18:45 MSD 2009

Hello everybody.

I'm a gsoc student. I'm working on Gajim and XEP-0136. gajim.org jabber server 
is ejabberd, so I searched a mod_* for XEP-0136. I have found mod_archive 

I was afraid when I saw the last version have been made in 2006 and it did not 
support either off the record and groupchats message.

Perhaps I have searched at the wrong place, but I did not found anything else.

So what is the situation ? Is mod_archive the only (old) implementation of 
XEP-0136 for ejabberd ?

I am begging you, tell me the page is out of date :'(


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