[ejabberd] Temporary pubsub subcscriptions

Matthew Rushton mrushton7 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 16 20:56:37 MSD 2009

  I've been reading up on pubsub and have a question regarding
subscriptions and how they are implemented in ejabberd. I'm looking for functionality that allows a user to
temporarily subscribe to a node, perhaps based on presence. For example
consider a client that is not subscribed to any nodes, logs in,
subscribes to a node and then logs out unsubscribing themselves
in the process. I've read section 9.1.3 of XEP-0060 (shown below) which
seems to suggest this functionality may be possible. However I'm not
sure it allows subscription to indivdual nodes, if ejabberd even supports this? I basically want pubsub to behave more like a muc where users can come and go. The issue with mucs I believe would be scalability since I don't want a limit on the number of subscribors which could grow very large, further the model of communication very much follows the pubsub model if it were not for the subscriptions being temporary. Perhaps mucs are a better fit, though I don't know the ejabberd performance differences between mucs and pubsub. I'm just not sure the best way to implement a temporary pubsub setup using ejabberd. Thanks in advance, any
thoughts/ideas are greatly appreciated.

9.1.3 Presence Sharer
the node has an open access model, the pubsub service SHOULD also
consider an entity to be temporarily and implicitly subscribed to the
node if the entity sends presence to the account owner in the absence
of a presence subscription. In this case, the subscription SHOULD be
based on the 'from' address of the presence stanza, which will be a
full JID (<localpart at domain.tld/resource> or
<domain.tld/resource>). When the service receives unavailable
presence from the full JID, it MUST consider cancel the temporary

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