[ejabberd] Newbie using JsJac

Myers Carpenter mcarpenter at rosettastone.com
Thu Jul 23 20:51:21 MSD 2009

I recommend you try Strophe.js over JsJac.  We used jsjac for a while  
and ran into some odd race condition when we went into wider testing.   
Moving to Strophe.js fixed this.

After adding extensions for Jabber RPC and PubSub on top of both, I  
think Strophe is easier to extend as well.


On Jul 20, 2009, at 7:08 PM, hbd wrote:

> Hello I hope someone can help me.
> I just got ejabberd running on my laptop with:
> {hosts, ["my-laptop"]}
> and
> {auth_method, anonymous}
> in the ejabberd.cfg file.
> I am using the JsJac javascript client library to connect.
> To do so, I am using the "simpleclient.html" to test things out,
> but I cannot connect.
> I could attach a screenshot of what I see on my laptop, but it's  
> simpler
> just to show you somebody else's simpleclient.html which is almost
> exactly the same.  Here is a link:
> http://www.seekface.com/dyPad/jsjac-0.5/examples/simpleclient.html
> I chose HTTP Binding.  For Jabber Server I chose "my-laptop".  For  
> Base, I wrote "localhost".  I put in any username and no entry for a
> password.  In actuality, I have no idea what to put in for HTTP Base  
> or
> Jabber Server, but the best error message I got was from what I stated
> here.  It results in error message:
> An error occured:
> Code: 503
> Type: cancel
> Condition: service-unavailable
> I have no idea what I need to do just to get the simple client to
> connect.  Can someone please enlighten me?
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