[ejabberd] extauth - does the script need to run continuously?

Belorion belorion at gmail.com
Wed Jul 29 01:36:42 MSD 2009

I've been playing around w/ extauth for authenticating users against a
different datasource - namely via a C# exe that authenticates against a SQL
Server database.

One thing I noticed - only the first user to authenticate against the system
worked.  All subsequent attempts failed.  It *appeared* to be caused by the
fact that the authenticating executable was terminating after the first

So, to test this theory, I run the authentication routine in a loop - it
sits and waits on input from stdin, processes and authenticates it if it
gets data, and then returns to waiting for data on stdin.

This seemed to "fix" the problem of only authenticating once - but is that
the right thing to do?  This seems like it could potentially break if it
recieved 2 auth requests super-close together (as in, before the first one
was processed).

Also, I noticed that when I execute the "stop ejabberd" shortcut, the server
stops, but the authentication executable continues - *plus*, instead of
idling happily at 0% CPU while it waits for stdin input, it suddently spikes
to use the 100% CPU (or, in my case, 50%, or all of one core) and just
continues like that until I kill it manually.
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