[ejabberd] using extauth - presence stops working

Jesse Thompson jesse.thompson at doit.wisc.edu
Wed Jul 29 20:07:15 MSD 2009

Belorion wrote:
> Running ejabberd 2.0.5 on WinXP box.  My extauth script is a C# 
> executable.  Since I started using extauth, it appears that Presence 
> notifications stopped working.  I can still send messages, but the 
> clients don't think the other user is online.
> Is this expected behaviour for using extauth?
> Also - I've noticed that I get more than just "auth" requests against my 
> C# authentication executable.  It appears that "isuser" requests are 
> also sent to it.  That makes sense to me, since only the external auth 
> logic could know if a user exists.  Are there any other requests I 
> should be handling, other than "auth", "isuser", and "setpassword' 
> (looking at the documentation here: 
> http://svn.process-one.net/ejabberd/trunk/doc/dev.html#htoc9)

yes, you need to implement 'isuser'.  It should be simple, since 
presumably you are already determining the existence of the user for 
'auth' requests.

It's up to you whether you want to implement the other request types. 
Our script returns false for any request other than 'auth' or 'isuser'.


   Jesse Thompson
   Division of Information Technology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
   Email/IM: jesse.thompson at doit.wisc.edu
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