[ejabberd] Issues with mod_muc_log

Augustine Ike augustineike at gmail.com
Fri Jul 31 21:48:40 MSD 2009


    I eventually got it to work. However, I think that the
documentation and how it is implemented needs some review. See my
observation below:
a. mod_muc works great
b. mod_muc_log while enabled on the server does not fully work
correctly except when configured from a muc capable client. I used
tkabber and that mirrors well over 85% of the settings on the server.
pidgin works but does not come close to what tkabber does.
NOTE: I think this should be reviewed so that the server has all the
features and controls.
c. With a nice muc capable client, I don't see the need for this entry
    {outdir, "/var/www/muclogs"}, in mod_muc_log. I can easily
override this from the client and it works fine.

Summary. My edjabberd installation was successful on debian etch. I
installed tkabber on the server for administrative purpose. I also
added the jabberadmin as a moderator in the chatrooms and left it on.
As long as it stays on, I can get my logs in the required location.
I will battle kerberos another day but for now, I am going to push
this server to it's limits.


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