[ejabberd] charset problems after update (debian)

defa defa at systemli.org
Mon Jun 1 02:54:05 MSD 2009

hi folks!

today, i dated up from debian-etch to debian-lenny. FML ;)

after the update (which also switches from ejabberd 1.1.2 to 2.0.2) i
experienced that users who have german-umlauts (like üäö) in their
usernames and / or passwords won't be able to login anymore.

i use the mysql-lib as an backend (the one from here:

i checked the mysql tables an the system itself - _everything_ is
correctly set to utf-8 - so that shouldn't be the problem.

i made a further test with Psi an set my own pass to "ümlaut" -
afterwards it appeared in the mysql-DB as "######" (so i guess the
mysql-client wasn't able to render it) - but the pass seemed to work.

so by now i am pretty sure that the mysql-lib or ejabberd itself doesn't
use utf-8 to read/write to the mysql DB. my question is:

1. what do i have to do to make ejabberd use UTF-8 correctly
2. if 1. fails - what do i have to do to my data that it is interpreted
by ejabberd correctly.

help will be highly appreciated.

thanks a lot
defa of jabber.systemli.org

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