[ejabberd] message archiving

Jonathan Schleifer js-ejabberd at webkeks.org
Mon Jun 1 21:41:28 MSD 2009

Zbyszek Żółkiewski <zbyszek at toliman.pl> wrote:

> it is simply not true. mod_logdb work with latest ejabberd svn (look
> at jabbim.cz/jabster.pl), also there is project jorge for web access
> to message archives. Both projects are active and under development.
> mod_logdb use Ad-hoc commands so it work with almost any client.
> jabster.pl hold 100 000 000+ message archive without any problems.

When trying to use it in ejabberd trunk (I ported the diff to trunk so
it would at least apply cleanly), it just crashes ejabberd completely
due to using hooks the wrong way. And by crash I don't mean that the
module crashes, no, it shuts down ejabberd completely!

What am I doing wrong here if it's supposed to work with trunk? Is
there another version than this one:



This one is for 2.0.3, which is damn old, and it crashes when you try
to use it in trunk.

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