[ejabberd] mod_irc in trunk vs mod_irc in ejabberd-modules

Johnny Robeson johnny at localmomentum.net
Sun Jun 7 21:06:48 MSD 2009

mod_irc in ejabberd-modules includes a few fixes by magnus henoch 
http://www.dtek.chalmers.se/~henoch/text/ejabberd-adhoc.html (yes it is old)

I patched up his work to match the improvements in ejabberd trunk that happened
since the branch was created.

So my question is. 
Will mod_irc be moved out of trunk completely, since it is not really core to
ejabberd functioning? If not, can ejabberd-modules mod_irc work be moved back
into trunk?

The only major issue left with the ejabberd-modules mod_irc is that the new
error handling is a bit too harsh in one normal situation. If a message is
received from the server (not by somebody in the chatroom) then it will generate
500 errors in a message window. It does happen support NickServ, but NickServ 
easier to support than server messages since they do have a full jid mapping,
while server messages do not.

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