[ejabberd] Server drops random messages from muc with error 503.

Stephan Maihöfer sma at turtle-entertainment.de
Tue Jun 9 16:25:34 MSD 2009


sorry for "spam", but i thought i'd give you some more
data to look it (if you'd be so kind, that is). 

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> [mailto:ejabberd-bounces at jabber.ru] Im Auftrag von Stephan Maihöfer
> here is the relevant parts of my config. the only thing that is "odd"
> is maybe the different domain for the main host. could this 
> be a problem?

i tried this with a subdomain, but it gave me the same results.

you will find an excerpt of my ejabberd.log of a packet that
did not go through attached to this mail. 

maybe you can make something out of it.

thanks a lot in advance!

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