[ejabberd] Sporadic 404 with ejabberd's mod_http_bind and strophe.js

Carpenter, Myers mcarpenter at rosettastone.com
Thu Jun 11 20:08:21 MSD 2009

I'm using ejabberd's mod_http_bind and strophe.js in a web application.
Apache reverse proxies requests for /http-bind for ejabberd, and also serves
up the web app.

While testing I'm seeing sporadic 404's from the ejabberd server.  When
looking at Firebug on the few times I've gotten while testing on Firefox,
I've seen this:

 * Many normal requests to /http-bind/ in which the server responds in 60
 * Two requests that last for 70 seconds, which are aborted by strophe.js
because the server should have responded by then.
 * The next request is a 404.

I'm using ejabberd-2.0.2 with a patch applied for
https://support.process-one.net/browse/EJAB-724 and also have seen this
while using ejabberd-2.0.5 (which causes other problems with some custom
pubsub node/nodetree modules we have).

>From what I understand the 404 is indicating that ejabberd didn't like the
rid of the request, because it's a repeat of the previous request.  It's a
repeat of the previous request because the server never send the "there no
messages for you" and close the connect after 70 seconds.

Also, strophe is sending a "ver='1.6' in the first request, so why is
ejabberd sending back a 404 rather than a 200 with a body that says

Any ideas?


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