[ejabberd] add/auth window continues to appear

Andreas Köhler andreas.koehler at 1und1.de
Tue Jun 16 02:33:17 MSD 2009

Hi Jesse,

I think you just need to update to Ejabberd 2.0.5.

-- Andreas

Jesse Thompson schrieb:
> We have been seeing sporadic cases where Psi users get into an Add/Auth 
> loop where the window keeps popping up after adding a contact.  Usually 
> it goes away after clicking Add/Auth a few times.
> This morning our desktop support team reported that recently all users 
> at one of our remote offices experience this when adding every contact, 
> and the Add/Auth windows do not stop popping up until they click Close 
> on one of the windows.
> Here is the description of the problem from our desktop support staff:
> "
> Over the past week I have been adding several new users to Psi over at
> xxxx.  I'm noticing that the authorization process seems to get
> stuck in a loop.  In the past when you would add a contact the contact
> would get a window where they had to click "Add/Auth".  Then the
> requester would get the same window where they would click "Add/Auth".
> At this point they could now chat with each other.  Lately, the
> "Add/Auth" process is a never-ending loop.  The only way I have been
> able to make it stop is to have one of the users click "Close".  Any ideas?
> "
> We upgrade from ejabberd 1.1.4 to 2.0.4 a few weeks ago, and it is 
> possible that these problems started happening after the upgrade, but it 
> is hard to tell for sure.  ejabberd is set up as a 2 node cluster with 
> mnesia as the backend for roster data.
> I approached the Psi-dev list first.  I opened a bug report here:
> http://flyspray.psi-im.org/task/968
> (you can find an xml console log attached to the bug report.)
> This was the response from Justin Karneges:
> "
> When you click Add/Auth in Psi, it sends both "subscribe" and 
> "subscribed" to the other contact.  According to the log, it looks like 
> the "subscribe" request is getting sent to contacts that already have an 
> active subscription. The loop happens because whenever each client 
> receives a "subscribe", the user is prompted to send a "subscribe" back, 
> and so round and round you go. The contacts have a "both" subscription 
> state, so nothing is really happening at this point.  It's just relaying 
> presence stanzas end to end until one of you decides to stop.
> Psi could be made smarter here, to only send subscribe to contacts that 
> don't have a subscription or only prompt to authorize contacts that 
> don't have a subscription, but for historical reasons it doesn't do 
> that, and according to the spec, it doesn't have to.
> RFC 3920, section 3.1.3:
> "If the contact exists and the user already has a subscription to the
> contact's presence, then the contact's server MUST auto-reply on behalf 
> of the contact by sending a presence stanza of type "subscribed" from 
> the contact's bare JID to the user's bare JID."
> So, I think this is a server bug.
> "

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