[ejabberd] Offline messages don't get delivered if user went offline "abruptly"

David Young davidy at funkypenguin.co.nz
Mon Jun 29 02:04:42 MSD 2009

Hello ejabberians :)

I've encountered a problem with message delivery on our ejabberd  
server, and I was hoping somebody could steer me in the right  

Offline message storage works. If User A sees in his roster that user  
B is offline, sends him a message, next time user B logs in, he'll  
receive the message.

However, if user B disconnected abnormally (killed his VPN, for  
example), he remains in the roster as "online" for a while.. If user A  
sends him a message, and he later logs in, he doesn't get the message.  
I'm guessing that ejabberd assumes that he's still logged in, and has  
received the message, so it doesn't bother storing it offline for him?

Is there anything I can do to make this message delivery process more  
resilient? (My users are always jumping on and off VPNs as they roam  

- David

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