[ejabberd] Question regarding inter-server communication

Adam adam.bcn at gmail.com
Thu Mar 5 21:48:15 MSK 2009

Hello list,

this is my first post to ejabberd at jabber.ru, I am an ejabberd newbie and I
wondered if someone could help out with the following problem.

I have set up an ejabberd on a XEN VPS host. I am able to start/stop the
server and log in, and chat between different users on the same host. So far
so good.

Unfortunately I seem to be unable to get my jabber to server to talk to
other jabber servers. For example, I logged in to a talk.google.com account
(user A), and added a user on my ejabberd server as a contact (user B).
User B recieves no notification of the request, and appears in users A's
list as offline.  Adding user A as a contact for user B, I get the message
'404 remote server not found'. (I should add that I'm trying this out with
the Pidgin client).  My server seems to be listening on port 5269; I tried
this from my laptop:

  echo "Hello" | nc li51-176.members.linode.com 5269
  <?xml version='1.0'?><stream:stream ..... etc

My ejabberd.cfg is here:

Could anybody provide any pointers as to what I might be doing wrong?

Kind regards,

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