[ejabberd] node_type and frontend/backend separation.

Tim Stewart tim at stoo.org
Mon Mar 9 03:21:11 MSK 2009

Hello ejabberd at jabber.ru,

I am wondering if someone can describe to me how to use the node_type  
option and what its intended purpose is.  I came across the option and  
the logic in ejabberd_node_groups.erl while looking for a way to  
restart an individual ejabberd backend without interrupting IM client  
connections.  Is this what this option is designed to do?

My specific need is to be able to restart Mnesia underneath ejabberd  
to repair the occasional partitioned_network condition without  
requiring that all clients get disconnected.  If node_type can help me  
solve this problem, how do you actually set up a cluster to take  
advantage of it?

Thanks for any help,


Tim Stewart
tim at stoo.org
+1 404 475 4848

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