[ejabberd] User management.

Jack Moffitt jack at chesspark.com
Fri Mar 13 01:10:36 MSK 2009

> I am using a version of the jquery.bosh.js that I modified to get sasl to
> work (only about two lines), so I need to get that rehosted on github so
> everyone can play.

My main problem with jquery.bosh.js is that it reuses jQuery's AJAX
stuff to implement BOSH.  The error handling is really primitive
compared to the tiered timeouts and such that we do within Strophe.
Normally this isn't a problem as most users of jQuery are not doing a
lot of AJAX requests, so 1-2% error rate is hardly noticeable.  With
reasonable BOSH use, 1-2% error rate becomes user visible and fairly

It may be that this has changed since last I looked, but I thought I'd
give you a heads up.  It took us ages to track this down originally
and make the fixes.  If it does happen to you, at least you will know
where to start looking.


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