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Paul Kinlan paul.kinlan at gmail.com
Fri Mar 13 01:21:46 MSK 2009

Ah, I have not seen any problems yet, it is just that I had the code in

Definatly need to look into Strophe.  I had to change jquery.bosh a couple
of times, because it only supports messages, and not the items in the events
of pubsub (so I added that) and fixed an issue where it returned the body of
the message twice.  Actually I am not sure why I said I have not had
problems, because I have :)

I definatly need a robust library because the two pieces of software I am
making: a game development suite; and a call center piece of software will
probably have connections open all day, so I need it not to error, or at
least allow me to see handle the errors gracefully.


2009/3/12 Jack Moffitt <jack at chesspark.com>

> > I am using a version of the jquery.bosh.js that I modified to get sasl to
> > work (only about two lines), so I need to get that rehosted on github so
> > everyone can play.
> My main problem with jquery.bosh.js is that it reuses jQuery's AJAX
> stuff to implement BOSH.  The error handling is really primitive
> compared to the tiered timeouts and such that we do within Strophe.
> Normally this isn't a problem as most users of jQuery are not doing a
> lot of AJAX requests, so 1-2% error rate is hardly noticeable.  With
> reasonable BOSH use, 1-2% error rate becomes user visible and fairly
> painful.
> It may be that this has changed since last I looked, but I thought I'd
> give you a heads up.  It took us ages to track this down originally
> and make the fixes.  If it does happen to you, at least you will know
> where to start looking.
> jack.
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