[ejabberd] mod_vcard_ldap problems

Laura McCord mccordl at southwestern.edu
Wed Mar 18 17:17:24 MSK 2009

I have some questions regarding the mod_vcard_ldap module.

First, is this module used in conjunction with the jwchat "Open Search" 
feature to search for users?

Also, I read that ldap authentication is not required with this module, 
is this correct? We are using pam authentication but we have an 
anonymous bind ldap instance that contains directory information that we 
want to use.

I have been reading the documentation provided at this url,  
http://www.process-one.net/en/ejabberd/guide_en#htoc20, but have yet to 
get this module working with the jwchat search user function. I kind of 
feel like I'm in the dark whether I am using this module correctly or 
perhaps I have completely misunderstood the purpose.


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