[ejabberd] SMS

Paul Kinlan paul.kinlan at gmail.com
Mon Mar 23 18:54:31 MSK 2009

Hi Guys,
I need to create an XMPP <-> SMS gateway or some functionality that at a
minimum can send SMS's outbound.

I have been looking at mod_sms but it seems like it is a patch to ejabberd
and I am not sure how well it is supported, or even after looking at the
code if it works.

I am quite happy to develop the solution but I have a couple of questions:

   1. Should I develop an xmpp gateway service that will map between XMPP
   and SMS gateways?
      1. If yes, I have tried looking to see how to develop gateways, but I
      am not really too sure where to start.  Does anyone have any pointers?
      2. Should I develop an ejabberd module (like rabbit_mq thingy)

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