[ejabberd] Problem with active directory addressbook

Theodotos Andreou theo at prime-tel.com
Tue May 5 15:47:18 MSD 2009

I am using the mod_vcard_ldap directory against an Active Directory
setup I have at work but does not work. I can successfully authenticate
against the AD server but when I try to search for anything I get an
empty results set.

I am using ejabberd Version: 2.0.3-1 from the debian lenny repositories
and the pidgin 2.5.5 client. My mod_vcard_ldap setup is :

      %%{ldap_servers, ["ad.example.com"]},
      %%{ldap_port, 389},
      %%{ldap_rootdn, "ejabberd at example.com"},
      %%{ldap_password, "secret"},
      %%{ldap_base, "cn=Users,dc=EXAMPLE,dc=COM"},
      %%{search, true},
      %%{matches, 900},
     [{"NICKNAME", "%u", []},
      {"GIVEN", "%s", ["givenName"]},
      {"MIDDLE", "%s", ["initials"]},
      {"FAMILY", "%s", ["sn"]},
      {"FN", "%s", ["displayName"]},
      {"EMAIL", "%s", ["mail"]},
      {"ORGNAME", "%s", ["company"]},
      {"ORGUNIT", "%s", ["department"]},
      {"CTRY", "%s", ["c"]},
      {"LOCALITY", "%s", ["l"]},
      {"STREET", "%s", ["streetAddress"]},
      {"REGION", "%s", ["st"]},
      {"PCODE", "%s", ["postalCode"]},
      {"TITLE", "%s", ["title"]},
      {"URL", "%s", ["wWWHomePage"]},
      {"DESC", "%s", ["description"]},
      {"TEL", "%s", ["telephoneNumber"]}]},
     [{"User", "%u"},
      {"Name", "givenName"},
      {"Family Name", "sn"},
      {"Email", "mail"},
      {"Company", "company"},
      {"Department", "department"},
      {"Role", "title"},
      {"Description", "description"},
      {"Phone", "telephoneNumber"}]},
     [{"Full Name", "FN"},
      {"Nickname", "NICKNAME"},
      {"Email", "EMAIL"}]}

I tried the setup with the global mod_vcard_ldap options uncommented but
nothing happened. Any clues?

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