[ejabberd] XMPP for "Live" Open Street Map

Bernhard zwischenbrugger bz at datenkueche.com
Wed May 13 21:45:31 MSD 2009

Mickael Remond schrieb:
> Hello,
> Bernhard zwischenbrugger wrote:
>> Now my question: Would it be possible to post all the Open Street Map
>> for distribution to a jabber server?  The easiest way would be to post
>> all the incoming XML data directly to a jabber groupchat.  Everybody
>> could listen to the groupchat and do with the data what he wants.
>> BUT there are really lots of data. Today I've seen 300kByte per minute
>> and it was a silent day.
>> Is ejabberd able to handle that payload?
> In XMPP in general, it mostly depend on the size of the typical
> packets. 300kByte per minute is possible but what are the typical size
> of the atomic pieces of data.
Very small. There are lots of 100-300 Byte Pieces. A 20kByte Piece would 
be very very big and does not really make sense.
But it would also be possible to send bigger Pieces - one per minute for 

If every atomic data piece is sent independent there can be hundreds or 
maybe tausands of messages per minute.


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