[ejabberd] Number of Pubsub nodes.

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Mon May 18 14:14:34 MSD 2009

2009/5/18 Paul Kinlan <paul.kinlan at gmail.com>:
> Sorry, I don't understand. I am using pub_sub now on a project, although it
> is only one node.

The question in your initial email is ambiguous:
"Is there any practical limit to the number of pubsub nodes that I can create?"

I didn't understand what does 'practical limit' mean exactly.
And the context that you provided is not enough to clarify it.

The reader may or may not understand what you really wanted to know.
Maybe Mickael understood that you asked if there's a configurable
limit to the number of nodes that can be created in mod_pubsub. As he
said, there isn't any configurable limit.

Is this what you really wanted to ask?
"I will have 1000 PubSub nodes in mod_pubsub. Will the server have
some problem with that load (crash, huge RAM consumption, have huge
CPU consumption, configurable limit in ejabberd.cfg, limit in source
code, ...)?"

I don't have much experience with mod_pubsub, but in a server I know
there are 2500 pubsub nodes. So my experience answers: "No problem to
reach 1000 PubSub nodes."


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