[ejabberd] Number of Pubsub nodes.

Paul Kinlan paul.kinlan at gmail.com
Mon May 18 14:21:37 MSD 2009

Sorry, I am being dumb.

When I asked is there a practical limit meaning is the system constrained in
some funny way to 256 nodes - or some other limitation such as memory.  Are
you saying that there is no limit programmed in.  This is good for me
because I don't want to be limited to the number of node I can create.

Sorry about the question not being clear - I thought I was being quite
concise ;)

I need to potentially create 10,000+ pubsub nodes - dynamically, I need to
understand if there is an upper limit to the number of nodes I can create
either configureable or system programmed limit (such as the number of nodes
is limited to the size of a byte integer or not).  I would also be
interested if anyone has handled such loads before and I would be interested
in understanding what they noticed the limits of the system to be - for
example, demands on the systems, unforseen limitations with the number of
pubsub nodes on the system due to memory, processor power, disk space and
bandwidth etc.


2009/5/18 Mickael Remond <mickael.remond at process-one.net>

> Hello,
> Paul Kinlan wrote:
> > Hi,
> > Sorry, I don't understand. I am using pub_sub now on a project,
> > although it is only one node.
> You asked:
> > Is there any practical limit to the number of
> > pubsub
> >> nodes that I can create?
> and I replied:
> > No, this feature is not implemented yet.
> Of course, pubsub itself is implemented.
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