[ejabberd] Another Pubsub Question: SASL ANONYMOUS

Paul Kinlan paul.kinlan at gmail.com
Tue May 19 02:46:32 MSD 2009

Hi Guys,

In some previous experiments I have used SASL ANONYMOUS and roster
configuration to allow individual broadcasts to specific users.  One of the
projects I am working in needs pubsub, and I am tinkering with SASL
anonymous again.  I noticed in the spec that it is down to the server to
decide if it should allow SASL sessions to subscribe to a pubsub node.

So my question is:  Does ejabberd support SASL ANONYMOUS subscriptions to
pubsub nodes? And if so, due to the transient nature of a SASL session what
overheads will it have on the system, for instance, if I subscribe to a
node, then close my connection and will the SASL user still be subscribed to
the node, even though it no longer exists? I am guessing it will.

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