[ejabberd] JWchat x SSL (https)

Jesse Thompson jesse.thompson at doit.wisc.edu
Thu May 21 17:48:54 MSD 2009

Márcio Luciano Donada wrote:
> Hi Fulan,
> This part I have decided, but the problem I'm finding now is, let's
> imagine that I'm connected through Pandion the client and then I make a
> connection through jwchat thus I am left with two connections, with the
> same user, I believe that when entering the jwchat it should
> automatically disable the connection I have with Pandion, right? Or is
> it to be anyway?

No, you can be logged in simultaneously with multiple clients.  Just set 
the default priority higher for jwchat.  That way, all incoming chats 
should go to jwchat instead of your other clients.


   Jesse Thompson
   Division of Information Technology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
   Email/IM: jesse.thompson at doit.wisc.edu

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