[ejabberd] Number of Pubsub nodes.

Vincent BARAT vincent.barat at ubikod.com
Sun May 24 22:43:30 MSD 2009

Hello Paul,

We've deployed a pubsub service with more than 150000 nodes (3 per 
user account) with about 100 subscriptions per node and 500 
simultaneously connected users. We were using 3 ejabberd nodes (with 
core2duo CPUs) to handle this.

At first, we were using the regular Mnesia database to store this, 
but we soon ran into critical performance issues (the pubsub module 
response time decreased drastically once we reached 50000 published 

Then, we moved to a version of the pubsub module than use ODBC 
instead of Mnesia (not public domain yet, but will soon be, 
according to Process One).

With this module, we no longer have any performance issues (or at 
least, the performance issue is now on the DB side :-). I'm 
confident we will be able to host 1M nodes with 1M items and 5000 
simultaneous users on the same domain, just by adding more ejabberd 

Paul Kinlan a écrit :
> Hi Guys,
> A quick question (and I am probably being slightly lazy - I can't find 
> it in the docs).  Is there any practical limit to the number of pubsub 
> nodes that I can create?  I am developing an app that is suited to 
> pubsub but will need potentially 10s of 1000's of nodes (each with only 
> a few to 100 users subscribing to the node).
> Paul.
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