[ejabberd] hook roster_get in own mod_roster

Stephan Maihöfer sma at turtle-entertainment.de
Thu May 28 19:18:13 MSD 2009

we get our roster from a webservice providing json to our
own mod_roster. if anyhow possible i would love to keep
requests to that webservice as low as possible and only
request the roster in sessions where i know i will do
something with it.
now, it seems to me, that the hook "roster_get" is being
called when the user establishes a session, not when
ejabberd receives a iq-query for the roster namespace.
is that right or do i have some error in my code? i do
nowhere request the roster to be sent, and i do never
receive any roster data (i am not even sending any kind
of presence), but still i see requests to the webservice.
when exactly is that hook being called?
thanks in advance for the answer.
stephan maihoefer
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